UCI for the 5 multiplying reasons (+video)

Acto en la UCI por el regreso a la patria de Fernando González LlortThere are men who struggle for a day and they are good.
There are others who struggle for a yaer and they are better.
There are men who struggle many years, and ther are very good.
But there are those who struggle all their lives:
Those are the indispensable ones.

In the face of a dishonest judicial process… We will continue we go on condemning the government of the United States on a long patha in which arguments and ideas will not be weakened..the University of Informatics Sciences has erected itself has a scenario to defend the true of the Cuban 5. Our history is linked to an undeniably just cause: “16 years is too long. Not a minute longer!”

Along with Fernando and René… We expect Gerardo`s, Ramon`s and Tony`s return to our homeland… These men, arbitrarily deprived of their liberty and subjected to a shameless trial, haven been imprisoned in US jails for over 5 844 days. UCI is already 12 years old.. For twelve years we`ve been par of the battle for the liberation of our brothers. Standing still does not count among the future plans of the youth at the University of Informatics Sciences.

“Ive been lucky to be al UCI where Ive had the opportunity to interact with students and professors in the different activities thar have been planned. They are all very nice with good initiatives. As a relative, I consider this is a contribution for our feelings, for the strength we must have to go on until they return to Cuba which is what we all hope for.” (Words of Aylin Labañino eldest daughter of Ramon Cardoso on anniv 12 day incarceration of the Cuban Five)

Our Revolution and solidarity with the cause of the Cuban Five have been key issues in information exchange meetings, conferences, book launches and presentations, workshops within the UCI-ELAM forum or within the ideological and political working meetings. On so many occasions, the events organized by the university have been dedicated to discussions about the cause of the Cuban Five, including allegorical exhibitions, banners, graffiti, and murals, where the feeling of each youth are expressed. Cultural galas and sports events have also served to promote the struggle in favior of the liberation of our heroes. Over 1 000 own-production articles and 2 500 replicated from national and international media have been published in our Mella newspaper; over 20 thematic portals and blogs can be accessed by the entire university community.

A trascendental moment occurred at the second graduation ceremony when Gerardo Hernández, René Goncález, Ramón Labañino, Fernando González and Antonio Guerrero were awardef with the “Man of the Future” medal, the highest award conferred by the university.

Showing unity and unconditional support to these Titans unjustly held in U.S penitentiaries, in 2009 in a display of cuban identity we managed to break the wall of silence by performing the largest Rueda de Casino dance.

Whatever we do in favor of the liberation of our heroes will never be enough. Everyone is defending the cause, of course our different trenches in our case from the cultural trench, which is the one weve been assigned to defend, and the one we use to send pur message. (Adalberto Álvarez Zayas Cuban bandsman, performer theme casino giant wheel)

In activities organized on the 5th of each month.. and on the anniversaries of the detestable convictión, we have welcomed their families so that we can add more arguments with their evidence and experience in the battle carried out on the internet…

Be good, give all your hearts, give all your love and all the intelligence acquired in these 5 years. I believe there is an absolute faith taht you will be the soldiers of the future vanguard. (Mirta Rodriguez Perez, mother of Antonio, Words to graduates Cacahual, 2008)

Using the tools at our disposal, we will not rest until they back on the island. Hence, the monthly gigants twits an the unwavering presence of our discussion on the social networks.. With a chess match and the proper use of technologies, a team of UCI students, faculty and staff broke through the bars of the jail where Antonio Guerrero is Kept. This chess game was a draw, but it was above al fraternally enjoyed by the university community.

It was precisely Tony who gave away three lithgraphs to our higher education institution, which we treasure as a valuable example of brotherhood.. The experience and qualifications of his eldest son, graduaterd form this university, is also one of princeless memories.

This university has offered us the opportunity on being someone (professionals) in our lives, something which some of us did not believe would happen. (Antonio Guerrero Cabrera, Son Mayor Antonio graduate UCI, 2009)

In response to the initiative convened by René González on September 3, 2013 a massive display of yellow ribbons saturated the university. Poster contests, websites, drawings and letters were organized by the Federation of University Students (FEU). Making a human giant 5 and planting tress where among the most outstanding activities during these day of brotherhood.

UCI has led countless pronouncements on political events, as a sign of revolutionary reaffirmation. And pround of being heirs of their example, our 8th Graduation solemn ceremony wasa dedicated to the Five Heroes; it was attended by René Gozález. A menssage from Antonio Guerrero to the new professionals was read by Miriam Nicado García, President of the University.

You should never forget that opportunity you had to study for free in an institution like UCI, and you will always see here the essence and greatness of the Revolution. In this academic year the battle we continue from both the thematic blog Youth for the Five, with over 5 000 followers on twitter and the contest My selfie for the 5, the battle will continue showing the world that we will never give up on the hope of seeing them free.

They will return, because they are a guiding light for the world youth. They will return because every argument, every evidence ratifies their inocence. They are heroes… and as such their influence will not diminish. Day affter day they write about love. They dream of the island, they are convinced of their victory because they have not ceased to be Cuba at any time.

It has rained a lot since then, but there is not a single doubt that these years have not and will not change our certainty that someday the Five will be there side by side with you, with your people, standing on the same platform. (Gerardo Hernández Nordelo)

Transcribed by: Martha Luisa Rodríguez Gala.


Acerca de Jóvenes por los 5

Jóvenes cubanos que luchamos desde las nuevas tecnologías de la información y las comunicaciones por abrir paso a la verdad y la justicia. Formamos parte del movimiento mundial de solidaridad que luchó por la liberación del grupo internacionalmente conocido como los Cinco Héroes Cubanos o los Cinco de Miami, condenados injustamente a largas penas de prisión en cárceles de Estados Unidos por el cuyo único delito de defender a su pueblo de los actos terroristas organizados de manera impune desde el propio territorio norteamericano.


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